Our Science.

Daring to rethink dairy:
same dairy, minus the cow.

Creating real dairy with zero cows sounds like futuristic science, but the method we use to make this magic happen is actually quite ancient! We asked our team of outstanding, mission-driven scientists to simplify it for us and here it is, the beginner’s guide for making real dairy, no cows required!

The miracle of fermentation.

The art of Remilk lies in the miracle of fermentation. Fermentation has been used for generations to make various beverages and food such as beer and bread, and is all about using the power of nature (and yeast) to create delicious and sustainable food. We are now harnessing the same power of fermentation used to produce alcohol and sourdough, to produce the foundations of our food system: Proteins.

Same, But Better.

Same Dairy, Minus The Cow

Simply put, we copy the gene responsible for the production of milk protein in cows, and insert it into yeast (yes, yeast - from the same family as the brewer's and baker's yeasts we know so well). What follows is amazing! The gene acts like a manual, instructing the yeast how to produce our protein in a highly efficient way. We then place the yeast in fermentors

where it multiplies rapidly and produces real milk proteins, identical to those that cows produce, which are the key building blocks of the traditional dairy we know and love. These precious proteins are then combined with good vitamins, minerals, and non-animal fat and sugar (hence no cholesterol or lactose) to form every imaginable dairy product!

Our dairy products are indistinguishable from old-fashioned dairy.

We love our dairy products and think they’re amazingly delicious. (And smart. And beautiful.) But we’re slightly biased, so we held double-blind testing to check how people who are not us respond to dairy products made with our protein. The results knocked us off our feet:

They proved that the products are indistinguishable from old-fashioned dairy, sporting the same taste, texture, and yumminess! And all that heavenly goodness is minus the lactose, cholesterol, hormones, and antibiotics.

Marie Curie
George Washington Carver
Galileo Galilei

We know we’re on to something huge. So huge it will literally change the world. Come join us, to the Milky Way and beyond!