Remilk Cares.

How we plan to spread the love.

“Sustainability” and “social responsibility” have become quite the buzz words, ha? Know what, that’s great news! The more everyone cares, the brighter our future will become. We see ourselves as part of an international revolution, powered by companies around the world who, like us, are working relentlessly to safeguard our planet for future generations.

Crafting dairy that heals the world is at the core of our mission, but we don’t stop there.

Remilk Cares: Remilk’s Ethics, Social Responsibility, and Sustainability Program stems from our belief that if we strive to generate change, we must lead by example.

1. Our office.

We are convinced that doing good has an awesome ripple effect, which is why our program starts with us and extends outwards. Here’s how it goes:
We start with the innermost circle, our culture here at Remilk. We prioritize our people, providing them with a safe, inclusive, nurturing environment, where they are seen, heard, and appreciated. Our headquarters are kind to our planet, too, with extensive recycling and waste management practices.

2. The communities around us.

The next circle is that of the communities around us. We believe that they, too, should benefit from Remilk’s work to make our world a happier place! We chose to partner with social initiatives that focus on food security, sustainability, and education and contribute to them regularly. And we encourage our staff to take part in panels, lectures, and open conversations with students of all ages, exposing them to the work we do, and the import role alternative proteins play in securing a better tomorrow for us all.

3. Our planet.

And finally - we care for our planet. Caring for the world we live in is the core of what we do here. Using precision fermentation to produce milk proteins requires a fraction of Earth’s precious resources such as water and land and produces a fraction of the harmful CO2 emissions. Our process is also 100% methane free! a huge step towards fulfilling the UN’s goal of achieving net zero emissions by 2050.

We believe that doing good is contagious.

We realize that it will take time and significant effort to transform the existing ecosystem, but we are extremely optimistic about the future of our communities and the planet we share. We’re investing many efforts in Remilk Cares because we believe that doing good is contagious and know that by spreading the love we can all generate real, significant change for us and for generations to come.

And to us, dairy that’s created with love, compassion, and care, tastes so much better!