The Gains.

All the gain,
without the pain.

We’re big dairy fans. We love all things dairy from lattes to creamy pasta, yogurts, ice-cream sundaes, and camembert. We totally get why it plays such an incredibly central role in so many cultures’ diets.

We need to save our planet.

We love dairy, but it really pains us to think of the intolerable price our planet and animals are paying for it. You see, the cattle industry is not only responsible for nearly as many greenhouse gas emissions as the entire aviation and shipping industries combined, but is also the leading cause for the deforestation of our rainforests, Earth’s green lungs. And sadly, it doesn’t stop there. You’d have to take 13 showers to use the amount of water necessary to produce one milk bottle! And the dairy industry pushes cows beyond their natural physical limits causing them great pain - all to ensure we’re getting our dairy fix.

The time has come to move on to an eco-friendly food system.

Yeah, we’re dairy lovers. But just like millions around the world we believe the time has come to move on to an eco-friendly food system, one that will match our love for dairy with our love for the planet, our body, and cows.

Oh, hello Remilk!

Remilk’s way.

Dairy crafted Remilk’s way is a breath of fresh air, with its production process emitting up to 97% less greenhouse gases! It also requires an estimate of around 1% of the land, 4% of the feedstock and less than 10% of the water compared to traditional dairy production - with zero animals harmed!

it gets better!

The dairy we craft at Remilk doesn’t just compare with traditional dairy, it’s healthy and clean, just as delicious, and does it all with drastically reduced damage to the environment - and a huge smile.

Where’ve you been, gorgeous?