Our Mission.

Creating dairy that is a far superior version of itself.

Dairy that is healthy, delicious, affordable, and 100% cruelty-free to our planet and animals. And identical to its traditional counterpart!

It’s an
age-old crush.

Amazingly, traces of cow-milk protein were discovered on the teeth of prehistoric farmers!
The creativity and ingenuity of ancient hunter-gatherers, daring to reimagine food by domesticating animals, ensured a stable supply of nutritious meat and milk was always at hand. Dairy has since become a staple ingredient in the human diet, and we have no intention of changing that.

A wakeup call.

But today’s dairy comes with an unreasonable price tag. The traditional dairy industry is destructive to our planet and animals, and requires so many of Earth’s precious resources - it’s simply not sustainable anymore.

A world of good.

Kinder to our planet, to animals, and us.

Remilk is disrupting the market by introducing real dairy that does a world of good: healthy, and kinder to our planet, animals, and us. We believe that simple everyday choices we make as individuals can quite literally save our planet, so we’re working around the clock to make sure choosing our products over old-fashioned dairy is a no-brainer.

The time has come for us to step up to the challenge and reimagine the creation of our food once again. We’re all in. Challenge accepted!