We recreated dairy that makes our world a better place.

Real Dairy. No Cows.TM


Easy on our planet and respectful of its precious resources.


 Clean and healthy, without dairy’s nasty downsides.


Real dairy without a single animal cell.


Ensures a stable supply of healthy, clean dairy 24/7, all year round.

Dare to Rethink Dairy.

Reimagine our food.

Welcome to Remilk! We reimagine the future of food by crafting real dairy without a single cow, bringing a message of hope and joy to our planet, our body … and cows!

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Superpower dairy.

Dairy crafted Remilk's way is healthy and clean, with no cholesterol, lactose, hormones, and antibiotics – just 100% yum without the scum! It’s identical in taste, requires a fraction of the resources and is 100% cruelty-free.
Holy cow!

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On a mission for Planet Earth.

Remilk is not a milk substitute - it’s the real deal! Using microbial fermentation, we reproduce milk proteins to craft dairy that is identical to traditional dairy, without harming a single cow. That’s what we call white gold!

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Remilk Cares.

Our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility extends beyond our four walls. We’ve created a safe environment that celebrates diversity and inclusion, and make sure the community around us benefits from our business, too.

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