About Us

People of The Revolution

Our vision of reinventing dairy would remain a dream if it wasn’t for our team.

Best people ever


Aviv Wolff
Kobi Altman
Ori Cohavi
Sela Avishay
VP Product
Aviad Koenigsberg
VP Operations
Shai Altman
President, North America

Meet our team:

Idan Benodis
Protein biochemistry researcher
Ilana Vainshtein
Bioprocess Student Position
Inbar Shwartz
Lab assistant - Student position
Jakob Skovgaard
Strategic & Commercial Advisor
Jason Rosenberg
Head of Business Development
Keren Demishtein
Microbiology Scientist
Ami Merlin
Bioprocess Technician
Liam Sharon
Senior Food Engineer
Matanel Tassa
Senior Food Engineer
Maxim Levin
Microbiology Scientist
Maya Danino
Bioprocess Engineer
Michael Basanov
Head of Global Engineering

We look ahead and love the view. Come join us on the journey towards a better tomorrow!